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October 23, 2009 at 11:49 am (wordpress) (, , , , )

somehow a cool feature, i guess.


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back to wordpress ..

May 6, 2008 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized) (, )

Well, obviously, for me, wordpress hasn’t been working so far, but some work I’ve been doing on data gathered from social networks like librarything, flickr or delicious brought me back to blogs and, especially, to wordpress.

A feature which I’m still missing here at wordpress, is the possibility to create sub-blogs, means, the possibility to create posts on pages not belonging to the main page. Even though, you can create a new page in addition to the main page, like the “About me”-page, you’re not able to create new posts blonging to the new page, can’t you?

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The obstacles of the net .. or why WordPress (perhaps) works.

February 7, 2007 at 8:55 pm (All the world and .., Uncategorized, wordpress) (, , , , , )

At the beginning, this posting saw the light of day as a comment on Iced Mocha’s post: “Why WordPress works” but then, it quickly grew up and became a self-contained entry. 😉

Actually, it’s not a very long time ago that I thought, I could never go in for something like blogging. I hated the idea of uniformity. I always wanted to have a major influence on everything I was willing to publish. Thus, I started to build up my own homepage and tried to improve everything by “cool” and “comfortable” little scripts written in cgi, php, perl, mason (–which is very cool by the way) and what ever. In the beginning it was fun, but then I realized the only thing I was doing was to find solutions to the very same problem how to put easily content on my website—but actually, I never put “real” content on my site. So I got frustrated and stopped my endeavours completely.

After a while, I got involved into a online music magazine called noize-magazine. They asked me to write reviews about bands and their newly published albums. Well, i liked the idea, joined the team and additionaly, took care of their online web presence. I started to invent some tools that made it easy for each member of noize-magazine to post a review. Then I missed the possibility to comment on reviews such that readers could agree or disagree with the reviewer’s opinion or a simple rating system on albums for uneloquent visitors. Again I started coding but quickly realized, I spent my little spare time with a lot of things but not with writing reviews — what i really wanted to do. Finally, (although I had finished the implementation of all these cool tools — but there could have been done so much more) I got frustrated again and stopped my endeavours completely. By the way, noize-magazine is down in the meantime. So, don’t bother trying to look for that webpage.

Probably, it would have been a good idea to setup something like wordpress for my own and to earn some money with my coding talents. 😉

After those self-inflicted experiences, I thought, next time I tried to publish something in the world wide web, I’d concentrate on content and on nothing else 🙂 . Well, right now, i disobey the thought that in this case the main problem could be that I don’t have anything worthwhile to tell 🙂

Why I finally started a blog is another story that I’ll perhaps post later on here at wordpress. The reason why I chosed wordpress as blogging platform is simple. I favour its name over the other platforms’ 🙂 and as I didn’t want to waste more time with looking for the right tools ..

Anyway, I found out it’s possible to change and enhance the look of the own blog by differnt themes or by little widgets like that little “meboo me”-thingy at Iced Mocha’s—I only have to find out how I can do it, to which extend it is possible and yet, I can waste my time on other things than content again 😀



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The Net Eclipse!

February 2, 2007 at 1:13 pm (All the world and .., web) (, , , )

Netz Verfinsterung

It’s my old and rusty homepage. I never managed to keep it up-to-date or put really content on it. Dou! Blogging seems to be much more simple. That’s probably the reason why so much people have blogs, isn’t it?

Nevertheless, feel free to have a look to it—but be aware of the german language 😉



P.S. With Flock it seems to be not possible to post an entry to a different page than the very first page. Stupid! Or am I stupid?

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Next Generation Operating Sytem?

February 2, 2007 at 11:24 am (Amiga) (, , , )

Have a look:

AmigaOS 4

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First Blog ever!

February 2, 2007 at 10:58 am (All the world and .., wordpress) (, )

All the world and ..

This is my first blog ever. Thus, I won’t wirte a pamphlet but simply test the whole thing.



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